The Key of David

Hosted by Gerald Flurry

Presenter Gerald Flurry discusses world events in the light of end-time Bible prophecy on the Key of David television program. The Key of David covers today’s most important events with a unique perspective. Not only does the program tell you what is happening to our society and our world, but also, more importantly, it tells you why. Read More

The program’s title reflects its distinctive approach: relying on the Bible and the “key of David” vision for insight and interpretation of today’s turbulent world events. The Key of David unlocks the overall purpose for mankind, and this overarching understanding puts today’s chaotic and seemingly insoluble problems into right perspective.

The Key of David emulates the tradition and format, as well as the depth, of the late Herbert W. Armstrong’s telecast, The World Tomorrow, one of the most popular religious programs of its time.

You can watch videos of all The Key of David programs on its website or at The Key of David's YouTube channel.

#56: The Prophesied Prince of Russia—Part 2

Aired Friday, January 20, 2017   ·   06:00 AM CST   ·   27 minutes

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a spy by trade. United States President Donald Trump says he will get along well with this man. But can Putin be trusted?

#55: The Prophesied Prince of Russia

Aired Friday, December 30, 2016   ·   06:00 AM CST   ·   27 minutes

The Bible foretells of an end-time prince of Russia—and a messenger who prophesies against this powerful prince. These two men will impact your life directly. You need to know who they are.

#54: Great Again

Aired Friday, December 23, 2016   ·   06:30 AM CST   ·   28 minutes

Donald Trump has promised to make America great again. Can he succeed? The Bible says America will return to greatness—but not because of any man.

#53: Enemy of God

Aired Friday, December 23, 2016   ·   06:00 AM CST   ·   27 minutes

The Prophet Micah wrote about God’s own Church rebelling and becoming His enemy. How did this tragic betrayal happen? And how can you remain loyal to God?

#52: What Is Human Nature? (2016)

Aired Friday, November 18, 2016   ·   06:00 AM CST   ·   27 minutes

Our world is on the edge of collapse—and the cause is human nature. Learn where human nature came from, how to conquer it, and the reward for doing so.

#51: The Mysterious Old Testament Conclusion

Aired Friday, November 11, 2016   ·   06:00 AM CST   ·   27 minutes

Man is master of the art of war, but the Bible foretells a time when war will be abolished. Learn about a future free of violence and bloodshed.

#50: The Only Way To Win Our Terrorist War

Aired Friday, September 30, 2016   ·   06:00 AM CDT   ·   27 minutes

Never before has America been so cursed and there is only one way to reverse the curse. Learn what is needed to make America great again.

#49: A Secret Whirlwind Destroys Iran

Aired Friday, September 9, 2016   ·   06:00 AM CDT   ·   27 minutes

Iran is focused on America and the Jewish nation of Israel, unaware that a rising German-led superpower already has it surrounded.

#48: The Holy Roman Empire Is Here Now

Aired Friday, September 2, 2016   ·   06:00 AM CDT   ·   27 minutes

A British newspaper has exposed a secret plot to consolidate European power under a political dictator. Is this the reemergence of the Holy Roman Empire?

#47: The Key That Unlocks The Bible

Aired Friday, August 12, 2016   ·   06:00 AM CDT   ·   27 minutes

Jesus warned that just before His Second Coming most would be deceived. To avoid this fate, you must have the key that unlocks the entire Bible.