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#516: How ‘Climate Change’ Pushes God Out of the Picture

Aired Monday, July 3, 2017   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   52 minutes
The climate is changing. But the “science” pushed by the mainstream media and biased scientists to explain why it is changing is simply bogus. Humanity is changing the climate—but not for the reasons you so often hear about. God has always given mankind a choice—to obey His law or to reject it. Obedience brings blessings and disobedience brings curses. The Bible says that God is in control of the weather and He will use it to bless or curse mankind. Herbert W. Armstrong asked, “Can you realize that every unhappiness, every evil that has come to humanity, has been the result of transgressing God’s law?” That is the plain truth about climate change you won’t hear anywhere else but the Trumpet. For more on this topic, listen to today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show.
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