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In each edition of Trumpet Hour, Hilliker sits down with Trumpet writers to bring you up to date on the latest developments in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Anglo-America and beyond. Trumpet Hour goes behind the headlines to connect current events to their true meaning and their significance in your life. The program also brings you practical advice to improve your life, your family, your marriage and your physical, mental and spiritual health. Trumpet Hour brings you the most important information about your world and your life using one unique resource: the absolute truths of the Bible.

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#228: Week in Review: Terror Hits Spain, Iran to Scrap Nuke Deal?, Civil War in Northern Africa, and Much More

Aired Friday, August 18, 2017   ·   04:00 PM CDT   ·   56 minutes

• Islamist terrorists struck Spain this week, in two separate van attacks that killed over a dozen and injured over a hundred.

• Iran’s president lashed out against the United States, saying that if it imposes new sanctions, Tehran will immediately advance its nuclear program to its most sophisticated state ever.

• The Trump administration is touting a strong policy against nuclear North Korea, but a look at the details shows that to this point it hasn’t really been different from that of his predecessor.

Civil war in the Central Africa Republic has Europe looking to intervene militarily and extend its reach in Northern Africa.

• We’ll also look at evidence that Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela is being propped up by Cuba—the Libyan coast guard banishing NGOs from helping migrants cross the Mediterranean—and the Australian Defense Force deciding that for the next 12 months, it will only recruit women.


#227: Trumpet Hour: Charlottesville Violence: More to Come, Anticipating Germany’s Election, August 21 Eclipse Prophetic?, and More

Aired Wednesday, August 16, 2017   ·   08:00 AM CDT   ·   60 minutes

• Charlottesville is an ugly picture of life in America today, with racist white nationalist groups clashing with anti-white nationalist groups this past weekend. Biblical prophecy shows America is due for a lot more of this kind of alarming violence.

• Germany is going to have an election next month, and a new poll shows surprising support for what was once considered a fringe-right party, Alternative for Deutschland.

Next Monday, America is going to experience a full solar eclipse, and many people believe it is a prophetic signa signal of impending catastrophe. Is that true?  

• And I’ll finish with a few more thoughts about the racist violence in Charlottesville.

#226: Week in Review: North Korea Armageddon?, Economic Trouble in Egypt and Germany, Russia Elite Tank Unit, and Much More

Aired Friday, August 11, 2017   ·   04:00 PM CDT   ·   54 minutes

• North Korea has threatened to attack the U.S. island territory of Guam, and President Trump has said it will face “fire and fury” if it makes another move. Will this provoke a nuclear World War III?

• Egypt’s president is trying to fix his nation’s failing economy, but his efforts could hurt his already unpopular government and open Egypt to greater political instability.

• The German economy is also having problems, as carmakers face monumental fines—a real blow to a crucial part of the nation’s export economy.

• Russia is about to stage its biggest military exercise since the end of the Cold War, including a resurrected World War II-era elite armored tank unit that has Eastern Europe nervous.

• We’ll also talk about the dangers posed by the steady stream of leaks from the White House—the police probe against Benjamin Netanyahu—Vietnam caving into China over a crucial issue in the South China Sea—and a showdown in the United States over sanctuary cities.


#225: Iran Moving into Afghanistan, America’s Demographic Crisis, A Worrying German Book, and More

Aired Wednesday, August 9, 2017   ·   08:00 AM CDT   ·   57 minutes

The United States is winding down the longest war in America’s history, the Afghan war, which has been underway for almost 16 years now. The U.S. has spent half a trillion dollars there, and thousands of American soldiers have died—all in an effort to combat terrorism. But now that the U.S. is winding that war down, the world’s number one terror-sponsoring nation is rushing in to sculpt Afghanistan in its favor.

What can a country do when the birth rate drops below a level that can replenish the aging population base? This is a question America now faces. Is increasing immigration the answer?  

A new book is storming its way up Germany’s best-seller list, and its subject matter makes its popularity quite alarming. Is it time for Germany to stop being so hung up on the Holocaust and to move into the future with more national pride? That is the book’s basic message. We’ll talk about what the implications are of the growing popularity of those kinds of ideas.  

We’ll also discuss an activity that you could call “a miracle activity” because it promotes total health: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. This miracle activity is something you can and should do with the whole family—and with friends, too. 

#224: Week in Review: Another N. Korean Missile, Iran in Yemen, EU the Mideast’s New Peace Broker? and Much More

Aired Friday, August 4, 2017   ·   04:00 PM CDT   ·   58 minutes

• North Korea tested another missile—this one potentially able to reach Chicago or even Boston with a nuclear weapon.

• A new report shows how Iran is evading international efforts to keep it out of Yemen, supplying forces opposed to the government and extending its reach on the Saudi Peninsula.

• Concerned that violence in Jerusalem could explode into a more serious problem, the European Union is positioning itself to assume a more robust mediating role in the Middle East peace process.

• Two people close to the pope accused American Catholics who support President Donald Trump as being “not too far apart” from Islamic jihadists.

• We’ll also talk about a deadly terrorist attack by a Muslim migrant in Germany—the EU moving into Northern Africa in response to the migrant crisis—and the New York Times running a series of articles trying to show that communism isn’t all that bad.


#223: Trumpet Hour: Iran Behind Temple Mount Protests, Threat of Nuclear Terrorism, Artificial Sweeteners, and More

Aired Wednesday, August 2, 2017   ·   08:00 AM CDT   ·   53 minutes

• New evidence shows that recent explosive events on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem haven’t been spontaneous calls for justice by Palestinians; they have been ORCHESTRATED by an outside power with designs on Jerusalem.

• When allies wrested control of the Iraqi city of Mosul from the Islamic State, nuclear experts breathed a sigh of relief. It turns out the Islamic State was practically sitting right on top of some material that it could have used to make a nuclear dirty bomb.

• According to the Splenda website, 100-plus studies over 20 years agree that Splenda is a safe, FDA-approved way to reduce calories while still satisfying your sweet tooth. We’ll talk about why you need to be skeptical of those studies.

• And I’ll share how my own experience in summer camp as a teen helped my relationship with my parents.

#222: Week in Review: Battle for Jerusalem, China-Russia Military Drills, Transgender Rights March Forward, and Much More

Aired Friday, July 28, 2017   ·   04:00 PM CDT   ·   57 minutes

• After a terrorist attack from the Temple Mount, Israel set up security measures—then, in the face of Arab pressure, took them down. But tensions remain as the Arabs continue to accuse Israel of trying to take control of their holy sites.

• Russia and China keep ramping up their defense cooperation, as they launched their first-ever military drills in the Baltic Sea.

• The push for transgender rights continues its march forward, as two American states demand that educators use people’s preferred gender pronoun, and Britain makes it far easier to legally change the sex on your birth certificate.

• We’ll also talk about dangerous and unpredictable North Korea being helped by none other than Russia—a sophisticated missile being fired into Saudi Arabia from Yemen’s Houthis—and speculation about a political comeback for Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg.


#221: Trumpet Hour: The Threat of North Korea’s Nuclear Program, How We Make Deserts, Designing, and More

Aired Wednesday, July 26, 2017   ·   08:00 AM CDT   ·   59 minutes

• The media has been eager to dismiss the threat from North Korea testing a missile earlier this month capable of reaching America. But the danger posed by North Korea’s nuclear and missile program is real. We’ll give you some important truth about why nuclear experts are extremely concerned.

• Deserts take up about one third of the land on Earth, and they’re spreading. How do we prevent this environmental disaster? The answer—is actually quite inspiring.

• Some changes to our website,, should make the experience more pleasurable for you, our readers. A couple members of the team behind the Trumpet will explain them to us.

• And I’ll finish off the program today by puncturing a couple of myths about love, and talking about what love actually is.


#220: Week in Review: Temple Mount Crisis in Jerusalem, Germany’s Takeover of Europe’s Militaries, The Real Russia Scandal, and More

Aired Friday, July 21, 2017   ·   04:00 PM CDT   ·   58 minutes

The crisis at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel is still raging, and could explode into something far more serious—with region-wide and even global consequences.

Germany is making steady and alarming progress in its quiet takeover of the militaries of other European nations. 

And there is a real Russian scandal, involving U.S. energy that the mainstream media is not telling you about.

Meanwhile, Russian president Vladimir Putin is tightening his grip on Russia’s media, and bringing it back to Soviet-era levels of state control.

We also discuss Europe’s Migrant Crisis re-entering the headlines, new figures shedding light on a Middle Eastern arms race, China’s drive to become a tech leader, and how America’s health care could bankrupt the nation. 

#219: Trumpet Hour: Germany’s Spying Scandal, Forecasting Russia’s and China’s Alliance, Tri-Parenting, and More

Aired Wednesday, July 19, 2017   ·   08:00 AM CDT   ·   60 minutes