Who Is Gerald Flurry?

Gerald Flurry is the pastor general of the Philadelphia Church of God and presenter of the Key of David television program which is also aired on KPCG.fm. He has been an ordained minister for over 40 years. Mr. Flurry is the editor in chief of the Philadelphia Trumpet newsmagazine. He is also chancellor of Herbert W. Armstrong College and chairman of the Armstrong International Cultural Foundation.

Gerald Flurry once served as a minister in the Worldwide Church of God, which was established by Herbert W. Armstrong. He served as a pastor for the Oklahoma City and Enid, Oklahoma, congregations. He has been an ordained minister for over 40 years. On December 7, 1989, Gerald Flurry was excommunicated from the Worldwide Church of God for resisting extensive doctrinal changes that were contrary to the example set forward by WCG founder Herbert W. Armstrong. Gerald Flurry saw these troubling and substantial changes occurring before most realized what was happening. He wrote Malachi's Message to alert the WCG ministry, and secondarily the membership, of what the new leadership was doing. When an early draft of the book was presented to WCG leadership, Gerald Flurry and his assistant John Amos were fired. Gerald Flurry immediately founded the Philadelphia Church of God.

Since then Gerald Flurry has preached the wonderful news that Jesus Christ will intervene to save mankind in this generation, as well as delivering a warning message to God's Church related to doctrinal changes he resisted.

Gerald Flurry and The Key of David

This is primarily done through Gerald Flurry's television program, The Key of David, which reaches a potential audience of over 400 million viewers around the world.

Gerald Flurry began The Key of David in 1993; it originally started as a radio program called God's Future World. The TV program first began airing over eight stations in the United States, but now it airs all over the world on more than 200 stations. It airs in nations such as Canada, Australia, Britain and the Philippines.

Gerald Flurry uses his 30-minute program to explain world events in the light of Bible prophecy. Programs include: "Why Most People Don't Understand Bible Prophecy," "Matthew 24 Unlocks the Seven Seals," "The Ultimate Key to Success" and "Putin Remembers Yugoslavia."

KPCG.fm now broadcasts these programs as radio programs.

The Philadelphia Trumpet magazine is the other major outlet for Gerald Flurry's message. As editor in chief, Gerald Flurry oversees the direction of the magazine and contributes articles to it. Like his television program, his articles cover a wide variety of topics, all analyzed through the lens of Bible prophecy. You can find Gerald Flurry's broadcasts and articles at theTrumpet.com.

His work has taken Gerald Flurry to over 20 countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, South Africa, the Philippines, China, Australia and others. He has also written over 60 books and booklets, all of which are given away freely as an educational service.

Gerald Flurry: Following in the Steps of Herbert W. Armstrong

Foundational to that educational service are the major literary works of Herbert W. Armstrong, which Gerald Flurry decided to publish as a free public service. The WCG, however, used the copyrights to sue the PCG to keep those works out of print, out of circulation and out of people's hands. This led to a six-year court battle with the WCG that ended with a settlement in 2003. That settlement gave the PCG the copyrights to Herbert W. Armstrong's most important book, Mystery of the Ages, plus 18 other works by Mr. Amrstrong. Gerald Flurry called it "the greatest victory we have ever won in the PCG!" at the time.

Gerald Flurry has followed the same pattern Herbert W. Armstrong laid down by establishing Herbert W. Armstrong College in 2001. It is a small liberal arts college located in Edmond, Oklahoma, on the same campus that KPCG.fm broadcasts from. It is privately supported by the Philadelphia Church of God and offers courses in theology, liberal arts and applied arts and sciences. The objective of the college is to teach students how to live.

When Herbert Armstrong's successors in the WCG ended the famed Ambassador International Cultural Foundation, Gerald Flurry decided to start the Armstrong International Cultural Foundation (formally named the Philadelphia Foundation) to pick up the fallen baton. The foundation is the humanitarian arm of the Philadelphia Church of God, centered on Armstrong Auditorium, which brings world-class performing artists through its concert series.

If you'd like more information about Gerald Flurry and what he teaches, you can learn more at the Philadelphia Church of God website.

The Philadelphia Church of God

The Philadelphia Church of God is a spiritual family with members in 50 countries living the abundant way of life revealed in the Bible. Our congregations are located all over the world in nations such as the Philippines, South Africa, India and the United Kingdom. The Philadelphia Church of God headquarters is located in the outskirts of Edmond, nine miles north of Oklahoma City. It is not only the home of KPCG.fm, but also of Herbert W. Armstrong College. The 170-acre campus includes rolling meadows of natural grass surrounding two large ponds, and is home to the beautiful Armstrong Auditorium, a theater that hosts world-renowned artists who preform for the Armstrong International Cultural Foundation concert series.

Educational Services Provided by the Philadelphia Church of God

KPCG.fm is just one of the free educational services the Philadelphia Church of God provides. The Philadelphia Church of God publishes the Philadelphia Trumpet newsmagazine 10 times a year. The magazine features news reporting and analysis on geopolitical, economic, social and religious events and trends. It is made available by the PCG with no subscription price--it is absolutely free.

Those articles and much more are also made available on theTrumpet.com, which is updated with important news analysis daily.

The Philadelphia Church of God also sponsors The Key of David, a television program hosted by Gerald Flurry that is also made available as a radio program on KPCG. Other shows, such as Trumpet Daily Radio Show, Trumpet Hour and Music for Life, are all sponsored by the Philadelphia Church of God as a free educational service.

The Philadelphia Church of God also provides a Christian-living magazine--Royal Vision, a library of over 60 books on biblical literature, and a 36-lesson Bible study course called Herbert W. Armstrong College Bible Correspondence Course. These are all free upon request.

Beliefs of the Philadelphia Church of God

The Philadelphia Church of God sums up its beliefs by the motto: Living by every word. Jesus Christ said, "It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God" (Matthew 4:4).

All of the Philadelphia Church of God's beliefs and teachings come straight from the Bible. Central to those beliefs is the fact that Jesus Christ is doing a vital work on Earth today. Through the ministry, thousands of supporters and co-workers today, God's Work is being done.

The purpose for which Christ established the Church characterizes its work, which is twofold. First, the Philadelphia Church of God proclaims to the world, as a witness, the good news of the coming Kingdom of God. As part of that witness, the Church publishes the Bible's warning of the disasters that will precede Christ's Second coming due to mankind's sins. Second, the Church spiritually nourishes its members by preparing for future responsibilities under Christ.

The free educational services provided by the Philadelphia Church of God, as well as the other activities it is involved in, all trace back to this clear, exciting twofold commission.

The ministers and members of the Philadelphia Church of God are dedicated to proclaiming and living the way of life as explained in the Bible. It is a way of sharing, giving, of caring for others, and of striving for godliness in all our dealings with fellowman. It is a way of family harmony and joy, a way of peace among nations and among different people of all cultures and races. It is a way of rigorous accomplishment and achieving the fullest of man's potential, with the help of God.

The Philadelphia Church of God endeavors to follow God's law: love toward God and love toward fellowman (Mark 12:30-31).

You can learn more by visiting the Philadelphia Church of God website.