Just the Best Literature

Hosted by Dennis Leap

Just the Best Literature inspires you to not only read printed books, but to read only the best books. Besides books, host Dennis Leap will lead discussions on other current literature such as essays and important articles.

#211: 1984: The World of Winston Smith, Part 2

Aired Monday, June 29, 2020   ·   08:00 AM CDT   ·   30 minutes

Host Dennis Leap and guests Grant Turgeon and James Brandon discuss highlights from Book 1 of George Orwell’s classic novel 1984. They discuss Winston Smith’s job in the Ministry of Truth, modern media’s use of fake news, lying permitted on television, Newspeak and the control of others’ thoughts, activist journalists, Syme and the elimination of classic literature, and the people closest to Winston—O’Brien, Julia, Katharine and the Parsons.

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