Trumpet Bookshelf

Hosted by Grant Turgeon

Hosted by Grant Turgeon, Trumpet Bookshelf is a series of compact summaries of books and booklets from the literature library of theTrumpet.com. Each episode is meant as a teaser to get listeners interested in studying a particular book or booklet again—or for the very first time. Find answers to life’s most important questions. Unlock the vision of your marvelous future. Explore the vital titles in theTrumpet.com literature library—every Friday at 10 a.m. Central time.

#5: The Way of Peace Restored Momentarily

Aired Friday, July 13, 2018   ·   10:00 AM CDT   ·   22 minutes

For over 50 years, the late theologian Herbert W. Armstrong preached about the only way to bring about lasting peace. But his ministry wasn’t all talk. He restored peace to God’s Church, and, by supporting a peace pact between two nations, he momentarily restored peace to the world. Follow along as Grant Turgeon summarizes Philadelphia Church of God Pastor General Gerald Flurry’s booklet The Way of Peace Restored Momentarily.

#4: A Warm Friend of Israel

Aired Friday, June 29, 2018   ·   10:00 AM CDT   ·   28 minutes

The late theologian, educator and philanthropist Herbert W. Armstrong met with hundreds of world leaders as an unofficial ambassador for world peace. He had an especially close relationship with the leaders of the tiny nation of Israel. Jerusalem was his favorite city. In one four-year stretch, he visited over 50 times. He brought together Arab and Jew by giving them a vision of hope—of a time very soon when peace will last forever. Listen as host Grant Turgeon interviews a very special guest about Mr. Armstrong’s “iron bridge” to Jerusalem. Learn why the achievements of a man who died 32 years ago are all the more important and impressive today.

#3: Jerusalem in Prophecy

Aired Friday, June 22, 2018   ·   10:00 AM CDT   ·   26 minutes

An exciting new archaeological exhibit called The Seals of Isaiah and King Hezekiah Discovered is now on display at Armstrong Auditorium in Edmond, Oklahoma. These tiny artifacts point to the miraculous and dramatic history of Jerusalem. Follow along as Grant Turgeon summarizes Philadelphia Church of God Pastor General Gerald Flurry’s booklet Jerusalem in Prophecy. Learn about the bloody past, violent present, and destructive short-term future of Jerusalem. Discover the glorious long-term future of the Holy City, the city that God has chosen. One day soon, Jerusalem will finally experience lasting peace.

#2: The Proof of the Bible

Aired Friday, June 15, 2018   ·   10:00 AM CDT   ·   25 minutes

As hard as Mr. Armstrong worked to prove the existence of God, one could argue that it was even more challenging for him to prove the authority of the Bible. Follow along as Grant Turgeon summarizes the late theologian Herbert W. Armstrong’s booklet The Proof of the Bible, and explains why only the Bible can be considered a totally accurate, authoritative, proof-positive religious textbook.

#1: Does God Exist?

Aired Friday, June 8, 2018   ·   10:00 AM CDT   ·   28 minutes

This question is the fundamental starting point for the acquisition of all knowledge. Either a superior power created us and is in charge of us, or we are gods unto ourselves. In Does God Exist?, Herbert W. Armstrong thoroughly examines this crucial subject. Follow along as Grant Turgeon summarizes this booklet, a 13-page masterclass in logic.