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#1062: U.S. and Britain: A Hard Look at What the Radical Left Will Do to Seize Power

Aired Wednesday, September 4, 2019   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   54 minutes
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Show Notes

Listen to the Trumpet Daily radio program that aired on September 4, 2019.

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[02:55] The Brexit Civil War (19 minutes)

With less than two months before the Brexit deadline, Parliament is now working to prevent Britain from leaving the European Union with “no deal.” In this segment, we give you the very latest on the Brexit battle.

[22:10] Brexit—and Britain’s Deep State (7 minutes)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and United States President Donald Trump have a lot in common, including their war against “deep state" bureaucrats and operatives. America and Britain are experiencing a prophesied temporary resurgence, but the radical left is not going down without a fight.

[29:47] Leaking Deep State Memos (25 minutes)

When former FBI Director James Comey leaked his personal memos, he did it to overthrow President Donald Trump. Comey claims allegiance to a higher loyalty, but as we now know, because of last week's Inspector General’s report, his allegiance was to Barack Obama’s administrative state.