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#1269: The Marxist Revolution Is Here

Aired Monday, June 22, 2020   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   55 minutes
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Show Notes

[05:00] Violence (13 minutes)

Shootings across some of America’s big cities are rising as police begin to pull back. The media refuse to make the connection between the police exodus and the rise in violent crime. Most of the victims of these inner-city shootings are young black men, and in some cases black children! Why isn't Black Lives Matter concerned about these black lives?

[18:00] Building a Marxist ‘Utopia’ (37 minutes)

The leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement openly admit they are trained Marxists. In bringing about their version of utopia, history must be rewritten, the traditional family must be overturned, and the police must be dismantled. Anyone who disagrees with the movement can be fired from his job, or may even lose his life. Why are so many people kneeling to this radical mob?