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#13: ‘He Wanted to Start a Race War’

Aired Friday, June 19, 2015   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   45 minutes

Another mass shooting in America, talks of race war, and the liberal media stoking the fire: where is it all leading?

Nine Americans inside a predominantly black church in Charleston, South Carolina were gunned down on Wednesday. Police apprehended the shooter—a young, mentally disturbed white man, who according to a friend, wanted to start a race war. The attack comes during a time of heightened racial tension in the United States.

Today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show looks at this latest shooting in South Carolina, examines news articles that further inflame the situation, and uses the Bible to explain where it is all leading. Today’s program also examines America’s vulnerability to cyber attacks and why people should be more alarmed by them.

#12: How Napoleon Made Britain “Great”

Aired Thursday, June 18, 2015   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   44 minutes

#11: U.S. Frees 121 Illegals, Who Then Commit Murder

Aired Wednesday, June 17, 2015   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   49 minutes

#10: The Grave Degeneration of Western Institutions

Aired Tuesday, June 16, 2015   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   46 minutes

British and American institutions are no longer best among the rest.

#9: Eight Centuries of Liberty

Aired Monday, June 15, 2015   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   44 minutes

#8: The China Miracle

Aired Friday, June 12, 2015   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   41 minutes

#7: Jerusalem Will Remain the Capital of Israel

Aired Thursday, June 11, 2015   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   42 minutes

#6: The Battle of Britain

Aired Wednesday, June 10, 2015   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   32 minutes

#5: Obama to ISIS: 'We Don’t Yet Have a Complete Strategy'

Aired Tuesday, June 9, 2015   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   47 minutes

#4: Why Won’t Congress Stop the Abuse of Executive Power

Aired Monday, June 8, 2015   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   43 minutes