Behind the Work

Hosted by Grant Turgeon

God’s Work today is backed by a spiritual family of approximately 5,000 Philadelphia Church of God members and many more thousands of co-workers. The primary focus of a true Christian’s life is to contribute to the Work in any way possible, in the process preparing to teach the entire world in the near future. Tune in each Monday at 12 p.m. Central time for a behind-the-scenes look at the vibrant and exciting Work of the living God through interviews, feature stories, updates and statistical rundowns. With the help of the Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong, you will also learn how the Work of God today relates to the spectacular, miraculous, five-decade work of the end-time Elijah.

#51: God’s One True Church, New Revelation, and Robbers Cave

Aired Monday, March 2, 2020   ·   11:30 AM CST   ·   27 minutes

One sure sign of where God is working today is the continual flow of new revelation. Learn how God miraculously fulfills prophecy by delivering revelation, and how this relates to our annual Robbers Cave excursion.

#50: Live to Give

Aired Monday, February 24, 2020   ·   11:30 AM CST   ·   28 minutes

The late theologian and educator Herbert W. Armstrong faced a lot of trials in his younger years as God humbled him and brought him to conversion. When his advertising business collapsed, he directed his energies into helping his brother-in-law with a speech competition, then got back to work as a true salesman—benefitting all sides.

#49: House of Prayer

Aired Monday, February 17, 2020   ·   11:30 AM CST   ·   28 minutes

The most important way you can support God’s Work is through prayer. Learn how.

#48: Honesty—No Matter What

Aired Monday, February 10, 2020   ·   11:30 AM CST   ·   28 minutes

#47: By My Spirit

Aired Monday, February 3, 2020   ·   11:30 AM CST   ·   28 minutes

Learn about the engine of God’s Work. Hear a lovely song!

#46: Perpetual Open Doors

Aired Monday, January 20, 2020   ·   11:30 AM CST   ·   26 minutes

God promises to provide His loyal people with open doors for doing His Work. All we must do is walk through them in faith.

#45: God’s Productive Daydreamer

Aired Monday, January 13, 2020   ·   11:30 AM CST   ·   28 minutes

The late philanthropist Herbert W. Armstrong was a daydreamer—in a good way. This habit can infuse interest and fulfillment into your dating, marriage, and other relationships.

#44: 2019: God’s Work in Review

Aired Monday, January 6, 2020   ·   11:30 AM CST   ·   25 minutes

Have a listen to some of the standout moments in God’s Work from the past calendar year.

#43: Changing Minds and Winning Hearts

Aired Monday, December 23, 2019   ·   11:30 AM CST   ·   29 minutes

The late educator and theologian Herbert W. Armstrong knew how to sway almost anyone to his side—and he had the stories to prove it.

#42: What’s in a Name?

Aired Monday, December 16, 2019   ·   11:30 AM CST   ·   27 minutes

God is involved in every detail of His Work, down to the names of His Church and college. The meaning behind these names is immensely inspiring.