Let the Stones Speak

Hosted by Brent Nagtegaal

Let the Stones Speak brings you archaeology from a biblical perspective. Host Brent Nagtegaal is on location in Jerusalem to give you the most important developments happening on the ground—and emerging from beneath it. Nagtegaal is a contributor for ArmstrongInstitute.org.

#32: Did the Massive Copper Mines of Edom Empower the Kingdom of David and Solomon?

Aired Wednesday, November 1, 2023   ·   03:44 AM CDT   ·   66 minutes

On today’s podcast, host Brent Nagtegaal talks to Professor Ben-Yosef about how the copper production site in Timna—as well as the wider Aravah Valley area—could have contributed to the power and wealth of the kingdom of David and Solomon, as well as the Edomites.

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