Shakespeare’s Royal Education

Hosted by Dennis Leap

Shakespeare's Royal Education is built around the plays of William Shakespeare. Host Dennis Leap will focus on the plays that deal most with leadership and nation building.

#25: John Wins the War Against Pandulph and France

Aired Wednesday, March 20, 2024   ·   09:00 AM CDT   ·   58 minutes

Host Dennis Leap continues his discussion of Act III, one of the longest acts of the play. Scene 4 opens with King Philip, his son Lewis, Pandulph and his assistants. Philip laments the loss of his entire fleet of warships, which was destroyed by a violent storm at sea. Shakespeare likely borrowed the history of the loss of the Spanish Armada in 1565 to show that God was still protecting King John and England from enemies. Pandulph attempts to encourage Philip, but Philip rebuffs him. Lewis tries to solace his father. Constance, Arthur’s mother, scolds Philip for obeying Pandulph and breaking his peace pact with John. Constance also scolds Pandulph over the capture of Arthur.

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