The Key of David

Hosted by Gerald Flurry

Presenter Gerald Flurry discusses world events in the light of end-time Bible prophecy. This is the audio format for his Key of David television program. The Key of David emulates the tradition and format, as well as the depth, of the late Herbert W. Armstrong’s telecast, The World Tomorrow, one of the most popular religious programs of its time. Read More

#220: No End To The Third Epistle Of John

Aired Friday, January 27, 2023   ·   04:18 PM CST   ·   28 minutes

The Apostle John wrote about a savage persecution that tore apart God’s Church in the first century. But he never concluded his third epistle. The non-conclusion of 3 John exposes that the attack on God’s Church didn’t end in the first century. Understand how this attack rages in full force today.

#219: The Lost Century (2023)

Aired Friday, January 20, 2023   ·   02:32 PM CST   ·   28 minutes

Not long after the death of Jesus Christ, God’s one true Church disappeared for 100 years. This “lost century” was a deadly attack on the Church and the truth of God. This tragic history of the lost century has repeated itself in this end time.

#218: From the Beginning (2023)

Aired Friday, January 13, 2023   ·   04:22 PM CST   ·   28 minutes

The world around you is beset by deadly problems. Understand how to solve world problems by identifying the original cause—by studying how things developed “from the beginning.”

#217: Modern-Day Jeroboam Prophecy

Aired Friday, December 30, 2022   ·   04:19 PM CST   ·   28 minutes

God promises to save America from the bitter affliction it is suffering today! But relief will be temporary—just long enough for the people to consider repenting toward God. Understand how God will use one leader to bring brief relief to America.

#216: Our Special History With Israel

Aired Friday, November 18, 2022   ·   04:28 PM CST   ·   28 minutes

He was a humanitarian, educator and leader. Heads of state around the world called him an unofficial ambassador for world peace. His name was Herbert W. Armstrong. His legacy and special history with the tiny nation of Israel continue today.

#215: How Lincoln Won the Civil War

Aired Friday, August 19, 2022   ·   05:12 PM CDT   ·   28 minutes

Abraham Lincoln was possibly the greatest president in American history. The way he won the Civil War teaches a powerful lesson to all of us. Learn how Lincoln’s belief in God and love of the Bible impacted his leadership during America’s deadliest war.

#214: Prophetic Duality

Aired Friday, July 8, 2022   ·   12:38 PM CDT   ·   28 minutes

Your Bible reveals where God is working in this end time. But you must understand a major key that unlocks Bible prophecy: the principle of prophetic duality.

#213: Joshua’s Altar

Aired Friday, June 24, 2022   ·   08:57 AM CDT   ·   28 minutes

The excavations of an ancient Israelite altar and curse tablet on the same mountain powerfully confirm the accuracy of the Bible. These discoveries teach a crucial moral lesson. In life, you have two choices. Learn which choice to make.

#212: Not Just a Church

Aired Friday, June 10, 2022   ·   11:15 AM CDT   ·   28 minutes

#211: A World in Captivity

Aired Friday, May 27, 2022   ·   09:27 AM CDT   ·   28 minutes

Mankind’s definition of freedom is very different from God’s. From God’s perspective, the whole world is enslaved! Learn how the world has been taken captive—and how you can achieve true freedom!