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Hosted by Grant Turgeon

Hosted by Grant Turgeon, Trumpet Bookshelf is a series of compact summaries of books and booklets from the literature library of theTrumpet.com. Each episode is meant as a teaser to get listeners interested in studying a particular book or booklet again—or for the very first time. Find answers to life’s most important questions. Unlock the vision of your marvelous future. Explore the vital titles in theTrumpet.com literature library—every Friday at 10 a.m. Central time.

#35: What Is a Liberal?

Aired Friday, May 17, 2019   ·   06:04 PM CDT   ·   19 minutes

Liberals in America are outraged over recent bills restricting abortion. But amid the emotional screaming, mindless chants, and irrational demands, seemingly no one is asking the most important question. Listen as host Grant Turgeon covers the late educator and theologian Herbert W. Armstrong’s article “What Is a Liberal?” Learn how to abandon lawless thinking and take on the mind of Jesus Christ.

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