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Hosted by Grant Turgeon

A Christian’s bookshelf is filled with a number of vital titles—first and foremost the Bible. By exploring the Bible with the help of Philadelphia Church of God literature (available for free at, you will find answers to life’s most important questions and unlock the vision of your marvelous future.

#6: Ambassador for World Peace

Aired Friday, August 10, 2018   ·   12:00 AM CDT   ·   22 minutes

The late theologian and philanthropist Herbert W. Armstrong met with hundreds of leaders from 81 countries. How could a prominent Christian televangelist make such a positive impact on powerful people with different religions, cultures, traditions and backgrounds from his own? Follow along as Grant Turgeon summarizes Philadelphia Church of God Pastor General Gerald Flurry’s booklet Ambassador for World Peace. Learn about the hope-filled message that inspired every person with whom Mr. Armstrong spoke on these important international trips.

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