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#2116: Republicans Would Rather Live Under the Tyrant Obama Than Support Trump

Aired Friday, September 8, 2023   ·   11:00 AM CDT   ·   54 minutes
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Show Notes

[00:30] Paxton Impeachment Trial Reveals Deep Republican Division (33 minutes)

The sham impeachment trial against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton reveals the bitter division within the Republican Party. A “whistleblower” who reported Paxton to the FBI for bribery and abuse of power admitted under oath that he had no evidence. RINOs are joining forces with leftist Communists to target Republican Trump supporters, while ignoring the obvious crimes of untouchable establishment politicians like Joe Biden.

[33:00] NYC Mayor Says Migrants Will ‘Destroy’ Sanctuary City (6 minutes)

Mayor Eric Adams admitted the migrant crisis is destroying New York City, which is not equipped to deal with 10,000 new migrants every month. Even self-proclaimed sanctuary cities are beginning to realize that unchecked illegal immigration is unsustainable.

[39:30] WorldWatch (4 minutes)

[43:25] Embrace God’s Family Education (12 minutes)

Herbert W. Armstrong taught that the foundation of a college should be Malachi 4:5-6. The true education offered at Herbert W. Armstrong College today is based on that premise. In any stage of life, true Christians should embrace the eternal value of a God Family education.