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#2166: Blotting Out October 7

Aired Friday, November 17, 2023   ·   11:00 AM CST   ·   54 minutes
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Show Notes

[00:30] Trump Is a Dictator, Xi Is a Hero (19 minutes)

The regime media labels Donald Trump a dangerous authoritarian, but media pundits question whether it was wise for Joe Biden to call Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping a dictator. The media is far easier on Xi than it is on Trump.

[19:45] Blotting Out October 7 (17 minutes)

There is already an active campaign to blot out the truth about Hamas’s October 7 massacre of Israelis. Pro-Hamas social media posts spread false information about the massacre, leading many of the young people who protest in support of Hamas to believe that the attack was exaggerated or even orchestrated by Israel to justify invading Gaza. The Israel’s 9/11 documentary is even more important now that the truth is being blotted out.

[36:15] WorldWatch (4 minutes)

[40:00] Trust in God—Not Man (11 minutes)

Jeremiah 17 warns against trusting in man. Instead, true Christians are admonished to put their full faith and trust in God.

[51:30] Feedback (4 minutes)