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#2264: TDS Is Driving Democrats to Fake Religion

Aired Tuesday, April 2, 2024   ·   11:00 AM CDT   ·   54 minutes
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Show Notes

[00:30] Joebama’s War on Christianity (16 minutes)

There was a lot of buzz in the press this weekend about Easter Sunday and Transgender Day of Visibility being the same day this year. Joe Biden disclaimed responsibility for that, and he is right: As American Spectator pointed out, Barack Obama is really behind the Joebama administration’s war on traditional Christianity.

[16:00] Gag Order on Trump (19 minutes)

New York Judge Juan Merchan put a gag order on Donald Trump to prevent him from talking about his hush money criminal trial. Despite the media’s repeated claims that “Trump is finished,” the nonstop lawfare campaign doesn’t seem to be working.

[35:10] Daily Renewal (20 minutes)

At Herbert W. Armstrong College, students are encouraged to focus even more on their daily prayer lives when life gets busy. Daily renewal is key for maintaining the proper spiritual focus.