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Stephen Flurry brings you a wide-ranging variety of topics from British politics to American morality to the Middle Eastern balance of power to Asian economics to principles of living to Bible points of doctrine. Trumpet Daily Radio Show matches this diverse array of interests to the factors most affecting your life right now. The program focuses these topics through a single lens: the timeless perspective of the Holy Bible. Trumpet Daily Radio Show zeroes in on only the most important world news, events that often go under reported. It connects these rapidly unfolding developments to history and to end-time Bible prophecy.

Programs include: “Don’t Believe the Naysayers, Europe Will Unite,” “Shrugging Off the Demise of the U.S. and Britain,” “The New Russia-China Alliance” and “The Bible and the British Museum."

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#278: Police Officers Are Being Targeted All Across America

Aired Monday, July 18, 2016   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   56 minutes

Has our world come off its wheels? Thats the question USA Today asked on Friday. Now look at what's happened in the news since then: an attempted coup in Turkey Friday evening and seven more police officers shot in America on Sunday. There is something terribly wrong with the heart of man, and the fruits are evident everywhere. On today's show, Stephen Flurry discusses what the Bible says about man's dangerously deceived heart.

#277: State of Emergency Extended in France as Another Terrorist Atrocity Shocks the World

Aired Friday, July 15, 2016   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   56 minutes

France remains in a state of emergency following a terror attack in the city of Nice. France has been hit hard by three massive terrorist attacks in just 18 months! In today's Trumpet Daily Radio Show, host Stephen Flurry takes you on a whirlwind tour of the tragic events that have shaped our world so far in 2016.

#276: The Global Arms Race, Germany's White Paper and the End of Anglo-American Dominance

Aired Thursday, July 14, 2016   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   56 minutes

British Prime Minister David Cameron stepped down yesterday. Today's show compares the state of Britain now to six years ago, when Mr. Cameron came into office. Also on today's show, your host Stephen Flurry examines Germany's newly released paper on defense: "White Paper 2016: On German Security Policy and the Future of the Bundeswehr."

#275: One Step Closer to Race Wars, Social Unrest and Anarchy

Aired Wednesday, July 13, 2016   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   56 minutes

"Race war is coming," Herbert W. Armstrong warned almost 50 years ago. "Racial tensions, passions and hatreds are being deliberately stirred by organized planning. It will explode into mass violence that will stagger the imagination!" Eight years ago, when then-Senator Barack Obama was being lavished with praise for his intent to heal America's race wounds, Gerald Flurry warned that simmering racial passions and hatreds would boil over into a red-hot violence that would spill onto our streets. We are one step closer to that reality today.

#274: Where the Attack on Police Is Leading

Aired Tuesday, July 12, 2016   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   56 minutes

In his powerful new article posted on, "America's Real Enemy," Gerald Flurry reveals where the dangerous trends we see today are leading. On today's program, Stephen Flurry examines that recent article together with the tragic attack on police in Dallas last week. For more, tune in to the latest episode of the Trumpet Daily Radio Show.

#273: Untangling the Motivation Behind the Mass Shooting in Dallas

Aired Monday, July 11, 2016   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   55 minutes

In response to a black man who admitted he murdered five white policemen because of their race, United States President Barack Obama said on Saturday, "I think it's very hard to untangle the motives of this shooter." But when it comes to white police officers using force against African-Americans in the line of duty, this same president--and many other powerful voices in the black community--have been quick to identify race as the motivating factor. On today's program, Stephen Flurry shows how the assault on law enforcement will only bring more carnage to America's cities--and to black communities, in particular.

#272: Five Dallas Police Officers Gunned Down During 'Black Lives Matter' Protest

Aired Friday, July 8, 2016   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   56 minutes

America's law enforcement officials are under attack. Last night in Dallas, five police officers were shot dead and six others wounded. Some observers have called this massacre the worst attack on law enforcement since 9/11. On today's program, Stephen Flurry examines the spirit behind this anti-police hatred. For God's perspective on these tragic events--and to understand where these events are leading--listen to today's Trumpet Daily Radio Show.

#271: The California Nightmare, the West’s Moral Oblivion, and China Sets the Stage for the Next World War

Aired Thursday, July 7, 2016   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   56 minutes

What's wrong with California? Fifty years ago, California was America's "number one state." Today, it's known for high taxes, droughts, deteriorating infrastructure, and a plummeting education system. Is California cursed? In today's show, Stephen Flurry discusses this nightmare as well as the darkening scene in the Middle East and Asia.

#270: Hillary Clinton and the Rule of Law

Aired Wednesday, July 6, 2016   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   56 minutes

On today's Trumpet Daily Radio Show, Stephen Flurry discusses the FBI investigation revolving around the private email servers Hillary Clinton used during her tenure as Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. Yesterday, FBI Director James Comey recommended that no criminal charges be brought against Mrs. Clinton. But during the course of his 15-minute statement, he also exposed multiple lies told by the Clinton camp over the past year. For more, listen to today's program.

#269: Brexit and the Book of Hosea

Aired Tuesday, July 5, 2016   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   54 minutes

In today’s program guest presenter Brad Macdonald explores the global leadership crisis, the lack of genius clusters, and some remarkably specific and prescient prophecies in the book of Hosea about end-time Britain.