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Stephen Flurry brings you a wide-ranging variety of topics from British politics to American morality to the Middle Eastern balance of power to Asian economics to principles of living to Bible points of doctrine. Trumpet Daily Radio Show matches this diverse array of interests to the factors most affecting your life right now. The program focuses these topics through a single lens: the timeless perspective of the Holy Bible. Trumpet Daily Radio Show zeroes in on only the most important world news, events that often go under reported. It connects these rapidly unfolding developments to history and to end-time Bible prophecy.

Programs include: “Don’t Believe the Naysayers, Europe Will Unite,” “Shrugging Off the Demise of the U.S. and Britain,” “The New Russia-China Alliance” and “The Bible and the British Museum."

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#268: Germany’s Vision for Europe

Aired Monday, July 4, 2016   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   57 minutes

Germany has lost confidence in the Brussel’s based leadership of the European Union. Could this lead to Germany taking more direct control of the EU after Brexit? Meanwhile both Brussels and Berlin are encouraging Europe to become a major military power. Leaders in Eastern Europe want a “strong European president with far-reaching authority.” Germany’s vision for Europe sees the Union forming into a superstate with deep links into north Africa and the Middle East. Trumpet writer Richard Palmer describes how Europe will be “led ultimately not from Brussels, but from Berlin.”

#267: Is the Islamic State Moving Bible Prophecy Forward?

Aired Friday, July 1, 2016   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   52 minutes

Recent attacks at the Ataturk International Airport in Turkey and in the northeastern corner of Lebanon have some wondering whether the Islamic State terrorist group could be changing its strategy in its fight across the Middle East. In today’s program, the Trumpet's Middle East correspondent, Brent Nagtegaal, analyzes the two attacks in light of the future fulfillment of Bible prophecy for the region.

#266: EU Army on the Way!

Aired Thursday, June 30, 2016   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   50 minutes

A German-led European army is now taking shape. In 1980, Herbert W. Armstrong wrote, “I have been forecasting this revived Roman Empire publicly since February 1934! Now it may go together suddenly, rapidly!” After Brexit, Europe has begun to take swift action to save the Union and produce a combined military force, just as Mr. Armstrong predicted many decades ago. On today’s show, Stephen Flurry discusses the steps that will lead to the formation of an EU army and what that military will do once it has power.

#265: Herbert Armstrong Was Right About Europe, Britain, Germany and Russia

Aired Wednesday, June 29, 2016   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   53 minutes

As far back as the early 1930s, Herbert W. Armstrong used Bible prophecy to make bold forecasts about the future of Europe. For years people scoffed at those predictions—but now they’re coming to pass in the exact detail the Bible said they would. On today’s show, Stephen Flurry reviews the key points of Mr. Armstrong’s prophecy about Europe and explains how it is being fulfilled right now.

#264: Headline: ‘The Rise of a German Superstate’

Aired Tuesday, June 28, 2016   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   54 minutes

Britain’s departure from the European Union has ignited a new push to reshape Europe. Headlines are appearing almost daily warning about the rise of a “German superstate” and a more integrated, core group of European nations. To students of Bible prophecy, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. For over 70 years, Herbert W. Armstrong warned about a coming united Europe with Germany at the helm. The Bible explains that Europe will soon be cut down to a union of 10 kings who will give their power to Germany. On today’s show, listen to Stephen Flurry discuss how rapidly these prophecies are being fulfilled.

#263: How Will Brexit Change the World?

Aired Monday, June 27, 2016   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   55 minutes

The aftershocks from Thursday’s historic vote in Britain continue to shake the world. Brexit's effect on Britain and Europe will be revealed over the coming months and years. Bible prophecy will continue to be the most accurate guide in knowing what events will follow, just as it accurately showed Britain would leave the European Union. On today’s show, Stephen Flurry explains how the world will change after Brexit.

#262: Britain on the Way Out—Who Could Have Possibly Predicted This 60 Years Ago?

Aired Friday, June 24, 2016   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   55 minutes

The United Kingdom has just voted to leave the European Union. But over 60 years ago, before anyone was even discussing Britain and the European Union, Herbert W. Armstrong made a bold prediction no one else saw coming. In 1956, he wrote that Germany would probably lead and dominate the coming United States of Europe, but that “Britain will be no part of it!” Bible prophecy enabled Mr. Armstrong to make a forecast like that well ahead of its time—and now prophecy is being fulfilled at an astounding rate! On today’s show, Stephen Flurry explains what the leave vote means for the future of Britain, Europe and the world.

#261: Russia’s Plan to Destroy American Prestige, and China’s Plan to Remake the World

Aired Thursday, June 23, 2016   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   55 minutes

Russia brazenly defied America in Syria last week, bombing American-backed forces despite the presence of American fighter jets. There have been no consequences. Trumpet staff writer Richard Palmer shows how the attack fits in with Russia’s strategy to destroy America’s credibility. Also on today’s show, he discusses why China is pouring billions into the creation of a new trade route in central Asia. The demise of the Silk Road in Central Asia and the rise of ocean-bound trade revolutionized the world. It is the reason we speak English today. China’s efforts to re-create the Silk Road with modern railways could be just as revolutionary.

#260: Attorney General: America’s Most Effective Weapon Against Terror is Compassion and Love

Aired Wednesday, June 22, 2016   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   56 minutes

America's weapon of choice when it comes the war against radical Islam is compassion and love. You see this strategy in Orlando, with the U.S. is doing its best to cover up the real motive behind the recent terrorist attack. And you see it with Iran, as the U.S. stands behind Boeing's multi-billion dollar deal to supply Iran Air with a new fleet of jetliners. For that and more, tune into today's Trumpet Daily Radio Show, with Stephen Flurry.

#259: The Disappearance of the ‘Mighty Man’ and the ‘Man of War’

Aired Tuesday, June 21, 2016   ·   07:00 AM CDT   ·   55 minutes

In every branch of the United States military, there is a strong emphasis on character development. West Point, for example, stresses that every cadet must live honorably, both on and off duty. Despite these solid building blocks in America’s military institutions, character is in crisis! In the U.S. Navy alone, last year 20 commanding officers and four executive officers were fired for dishonorable behavior! Why is this happening? And what does God have to say about it?