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#3: History Iran's Leaders Would Like to Forget

Aired Sunday, December 4, 2016   ·   10:00 AM CST   ·   41 minutes

Based on events in the past week, NOW Media based in Lebanon ran an analysis piece titled “The Iranian Empire Is Back." On today’s program we explore what led writer Hussain Abdul Hussain to make that claim, as well as how the Bible explains Iran’s current strategy in the Middle East in detail.

For the second half of today’s show, we look back at the some of the earliest roots of the Iranian empire, specifically the reign of King Cyrus, and see why Iran's current leaders would rather belittle some of that history.

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"The Startling Truth About One of History's Greatest Kings"…reatest-kings/

"The Iranian Empire is Back" -…ian-empire-is-back

"The Islamic Awakening: Iran’s Grand Narrative of the Arab Uprisings" -