Behind the Work

Hosted by Grant Turgeon

God’s work today is backed by a spiritual family of approximately 5,000 Philadelphia Church of God members and many more thousands of co-workers. The primary focus of a true Christian’s life is to contribute to the work in any way possible. Tune in each Monday at 11:30 a.m. Central time as host Grant Turgeon provides a behind-the-scenes look at the vibrant and exciting work of the living God through interviews, feature stories, updates and statistical rundowns. With the help of the Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong, you will also learn how the work of God today relates to the spectacular, miraculous, five-decade work of the end-time Elijah.

#27: Proofs of God’s Work

Aired Monday, August 5, 2019   ·   11:30 AM CDT   ·   29 minutes

Traditional Christian churches are trying to save the whole world right now. Learn how this is the total opposite of Jesus Christ’s purpose on Earth. Prove where God’s Church is today, how it exists primarily to support God’s Work, and what exactly is the purpose of God’s Work in these final days before Christ’s return. The plain truth about God’s Work may shock you.

#26: Interviewing the Host of Rewind, Repeat

Aired Monday, July 29, 2019   ·   11:30 AM CDT   ·   28 minutes

KPCG is home to a new history podcast, Rewind, Repeat, hosted by Philadelphia Church of God online marketing director David Vejil. Listen as he discusses his goals for the show, Charlemagne, powerful lessons from history, and history’s connection to Bible prophecy.

#25: The Goal of Philadelphia Youth Camp

Aired Monday, July 22, 2019   ·   11:30 AM CDT   ·   27 minutes

Philadelphia Youth Camp in Edmond, Oklahoma, is currently in its third and final week. Hear from Philadelphia Church of God Evangelist Wayne Turgeon and his wife, Laura, as they reflect on life in England—away from camp for the first time in nine years. Listen as host Grant Turgeon describes the main goal of camp.

#24: How God’s Work Depends on You—Part 3

Aired Monday, July 15, 2019   ·   11:30 AM CDT   ·   21 minutes

There are so many ways to turn supporting God’s Work into a full-time job, even if you aren’t a paid employee of the Philadelphia Church of God. Learn about two more ways to serve wholeheartedly, and hear a report from our chief field correspondent.

#23: How God’s Work Depends on You—Part 2

Aired Monday, July 8, 2019   ·   11:30 AM CDT   ·   25 minutes

God’s Work could be done by God alone—but He wants to work with you! Learn two more ways that you can be a full-time laborer in God’s Work.

#22: How God’s Work Depends on You—Part 1

Aired Monday, July 1, 2019   ·   11:30 AM CDT   ·   24 minutes

God’s Work is a worldwide enterprise—not just an Oklahoma endeavor. No matter where you live, you can have a stunning impact on the work every day. Listen as host Grant Turgeon describes how much God values your contributions, and learn more about your number one responsibility as a full-time servant of God.

#21: Fathers and God’s Work

Aired Monday, June 17, 2019   ·   01:27 PM CDT   ·   23 minutes

Yesterday, millions of people celebrated Father’s Day. There’s a direct connection between physical fathers, God the Father and God’s Work. Listen as host Grant Turgeon emphasizes the three vital responsibilities of fathers, and how society suffers in their absence.

#20: To the Class of 2019

Aired Monday, May 20, 2019   ·   11:30 AM CDT   ·   27 minutes

Thirty-two Herbert W. Armstrong College students graduated yesterday. Listen as host Grant Turgeon encourages them to continue living the abundant, hectic, disciplined, scheduled, busy, regimented life that leads to true and lasting freedom.

#19: Mothers and God’s Work

Aired Monday, May 13, 2019   ·   11:30 AM CDT   ·   14 minutes

This past Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s Day. Learn why mothers are vital to God’s Work. You will also hear updates about Jerusalem, Zimbabwe, and the concert series.

#18: Camp for a Better Future

Aired Monday, May 6, 2019   ·   11:30 AM CDT   ·   19 minutes

Teenagers in the Philadelphia Church of God are receiving acceptance letters to Philadelphia Youth Camp this summer. Learn what God’s end-time apostles have said about this life-changing institution.