Behind the Work

Hosted by Grant Turgeon

God’s Work today is backed by a spiritual family of approximately 5,000 Philadelphia Church of God members and many more thousands of co-workers. The primary focus of a true Christian’s life is to contribute to the Work in any way possible, in the process preparing to teach the entire world in the near future. Tune in each Monday at 12 p.m. Central time for a behind-the-scenes look at the vibrant and exciting Work of the living God through interviews, feature stories, updates and statistical rundowns. With the help of the Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong, you will also learn how the Work of God today relates to the spectacular, miraculous, five-decade work of the end-time Elijah.

#177: The Hidden Utopia

Aired Monday, July 24, 2023   ·   12:00 PM CDT   ·   26 minutes

Utopia is already here on Earth. Soon, the whole world will see it.

#176: Living the Future Way—Today

Aired Monday, July 17, 2023   ·   12:00 PM CDT   ·   25 minutes

God’s youth camp starts today! Learn the vital purpose of Summer Educational Program in God’s Work.

#175: God’s Military Outposts

Aired Monday, July 10, 2023   ·   12:00 PM CDT   ·   27 minutes

In the Bible, God frequently uses military terms to describe the Christian life. Learn how God’s Work is organized as a spiritual military operation.

#174: Ministerial Conference Need-to-Knows

Aired Monday, July 3, 2023   ·   12:00 PM CDT   ·   22 minutes

Every 18 months, the Philadelphia Church of God holds a ministerial conference in Edmond, Oklahoma. Learn why this event is so important to God.

#173: Gather Up the Fragments

Aired Monday, June 26, 2023   ·   12:00 PM CDT   ·   24 minutes

Jesus Christ’s marvelous miracle of the fishes and loaves teaches us a lot about God’s Work.

#172: Biggest Summer Ever?

Aired Monday, June 5, 2023   ·   12:00 PM CDT   ·   25 minutes

God’s Work is in the midst of five massive projects this summer. Learn how to help!

#171: The Television Curse

Aired Monday, May 29, 2023   ·   12:00 PM CDT   ·   25 minutes

Back in 1955, Herbert W. Armstrong warned of a dire threat to God’s Work: TELEVISION. Learn how this exciting new invention actually hurt the work—and how it is a much bigger problem for us today.

#170: Our Noah Work

Aired Monday, May 22, 2023   ·   12:00 PM CDT   ·   25 minutes

Everyone thought Noah was crazy—until the Flood came.

#169: Transformative Education

Aired Monday, May 15, 2023   ·   12:00 PM CDT   ·   21 minutes

God’s college and academy teach true education—the kind of education that will save the world.

#168: Interview: Celtic Throne Tour Manager

Aired Monday, May 1, 2023   ·   12:00 PM CDT   ·   27 minutes

Learn from Celtic Throne tour manager David Vejil the ins and outs of planning and executing a world-class music and dance season.