Trumpet Hour

Hosted by Philip Nice and Jeremiah Jacques

Trumpet Hour is the voice of the Philadelphia Trumpet newsmagazine. Join the discussion as Trumpet staff members compare recent news to Bible prophecy.

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Show Notes

• Experts say the space race is heating up—as nations continue to militarize the area beyond Earth’s atmosphere. America’s reliance on satellites to wage war makes it vulnerable to a Pearl Harbor-type sneak attack—in space!

• Israel has a new defense minister whom many people call an ultra-right-wing nationalist.

• Austria also posted significant popular support for a right-wing nationalist in elections last week.

• The superbug that doctors have been dreading just reached the U.S.—a woman in Pennsylvania has a bacteria that is resistant to even the strongest antibiotics.

• We’ll also talk about an invisible crisis about to strike Germany—China’s nuclear submarines—the fact that young adults are less likely to live with a spouse or Romantic Partner than with mom and dad—and a brand-new facility American taxpayers are funding—to house transgendered illegal immigrants!