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#15: Greece Conquered by Germany—and the Iran Nuclear Deal

Aired Friday, July 17, 2015   ·   04:00 PM CDT   ·   56 minutes
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Show Notes

It’s been another huge week with the news, and Trumpet Hour is ready to take you through it. Joel Hilliker starts with the amazing turn in the Greek economic crisis. After the public voted no to an international bailout, Greece’s prime minister still got the deal passed and now the country has essentially been conquered by Germany.

Trumpet Hour also discusses the Iranian nuclear deal. President Obama says it makes us safer because it imposes “robust and intrusive” inspections, but is that true?

Next an Islamic terrorist attack on Tennessee leaves four U.S. Marines dead. Trumpet Hour explores what lessons we can learn from the tragedy.

During this eventful week, Russia quietly gobbles up more territory in Georgia. And finally, Trumpet Hour talks about why the close look at the dwarf planet Pluto should inspire us all. All this and more on Trumpet Hour.