Trumpet Hour

Hosted by Joel Hilliker

Trumpet Hour is the voice of the Trumpet newsmagazine. In each edition, Joel Hilliker, managing editor of the Philadelphia Trumpet sits down with Trumpet writers to discuss world events and trends from a biblical perspective.

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Show Notes

  • German leaders emerged from marathon discussions with an agreement for a coalition government in hand. There are a few hurdles left, but Germany may have a government within weeks. We’ll talk about why Germans don’t have much to celebrate.
  • Turkey’s president visited the Vatican. He and the pope had an extended conversation, and a notable item on the agenda was the status of Jerusalem.
  • New photos show that China’s militarization of the South China Sea is extensive and even more dramatic than previously realized.
  • Russia installed some nuclear-capable missiles on the border of Lithuania, and says that NATO and Europe have nothing to be concerned about.
  • We’ll also talk about the rough week for global economic markets, a crisis brewing in the Red Sea, Israel having some new warships built, and what recently released memos in Washington tell us about the perilous state of America’s government.