Trumpet Hour

Hosted by Joel Hilliker

Trumpet Hour is the voice of the Trumpet newsmagazine. In each edition, Joel Hilliker, managing editor of the Philadelphia Trumpet sits down with Trumpet writers to discuss world events and trends from a biblical perspective.

#366: Trumpet Hour: Child Rearing With Vision, Dealing With Back Pain, Exploring Space, and More

Aired Wednesday, January 9, 2019   ·   08:00 AM CST   ·   57 minutes
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Show Notes

  • Do you want sound, time-tested instruction on how to bring up your children and teenagers? We have a free book to offer you: Child Rearing With Vision. We’ll talk to the man who compiled the book, and wrote a good deal of it, about why this book is such an invaluable resource for parents.
  • Four out of 5 American adults suffer from back pain—some of them so badly they can’t work or enjoy activities. You don’t have to be one of them—if you address the real causes.
  • A NASA space probe just completed a flyby of a chunk of ice way out beyond the edge of our solar system—and many hope that the data it captured will reveal some of the mysteries of the universe.
  • And we’ll conclude with a Last Word about how to build a better vocabulary.