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Hosted by Joel Hilliker

Trumpet Hour is the voice of the Trumpet newsmagazine. In each edition, Joel Hilliker, managing editor of the Philadelphia Trumpet sits down with Trumpet writers to discuss world events and trends from a biblical perspective.

#367: Week in Review: German-French Aachen Treaty, EU Sanctions Iran, U.S. Mideast Double-Talk, and Much More

Aired Friday, January 11, 2019   ·   04:00 PM CST   ·   56 minutes
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Show Notes

  • Germany and France will sign a new friendship treaty aimed at strengthening their cooperation and leadership within Europe. They’ll sign it later this month in Aachen, pointing back to Charlemagne and Europe’s Holy Roman Empire history.
  • The European Union imposed sanctions on Iran this week in retaliation for Iranian assassination plots on European soil.
  • U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been touring the Middle East to reassure allies about America’s commitment to the region. In Cairo, he promised Iran would be expelled from Syria—while reaffirming that U.S. troops will leave.
  • Security experts warn that China is using hacks on American businesses to build a huge espionage database on Americans that it can use in variety of hostile ways.
  • We’ll also talk about the battle in America over a border wall, Italy and Poland’s new vision for Europe, Russia and China expanding cooperation, and the American Psychological Association now saying that “traditional masculinity” is harmful!