Trumpet Hour

Hosted by Joel Hilliker

Trumpet Hour is the voice of the Trumpet newsmagazine. In each edition, Joel Hilliker, managing editor of the Philadelphia Trumpet sits down with Trumpet writers to discuss world events and trends from a biblical perspective.

#370: Trumpet Hour: Chinese Navy Transforming, Germany Eyes Brazil, Killer Legal Drugs, and More

Aired Wednesday, January 23, 2019   ·   08:00 AM CST   ·   56 minutes
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Show Notes

  • China is dramatically upgrading its navy, constructing aircraft carriers, destroyers, frigates and amphibious assault ships. These developments reveal China’s determination to tighten its grip on Asia and secure its growing economic holdings abroad.
  • The world’s largest trade bloc is developing between the European Union and South America. Within that trend, Germany is looking to take advantage of political changes in Brazil to build a market for its arms exports. All this aligns with a prophecy Herbert W. Armstrong made back in 1962.
  • Drug companies claim to be able to cure what ails us and heal our diseases—but in many cases their drugs cause disease and even death. We’ll talk about why you should think twice about treating your health problems with medication.
  • And we’ll conclude by talking about how important it is that you keep your word—in what you say to God.