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Trumpet Hour is the voice of the Trumpet newsmagazine. In each edition, Joel Hilliker, managing editor of the Philadelphia Trumpet sits down with Trumpet writers to discuss world events and trends from a biblical perspective.

#78: Trumpet Hour: Putin's Propaganda War on Europe, Saudi Arabia's Threat, Busted Pensions, Trump vs. Pope and More

Aired Friday, February 26, 2016   ·   04:00 PM CST   ·   55 minutes
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Show Notes

- German leaders are investigating suspicions that Vladimir Putin is waging a propaganda war to destabilize Europe-

- Saudi Arabia just said it would cut off aid to Lebanon-that it's tired of giving so much to a country that is basically subordinate to Iran-

- Iranian parliamentary elections today will give us a good idea of whether Iran is actually going to become MORE MODERATE thanks to the nuclear deal-

- Japan's prime minister snubbed the White House in favor of planning a visit to Russia-

- Hundreds of thousands of retired and retiring Americans are being told that their pension checks are getting CUT IN HALF-

- We'll also talk about fabric uncovered from the era of King David-an interview with Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg-the war of words between Donald Trump and the pope-and much, much more!

All this-on today's TRUMPET HOUR.