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Hosted by Philip Nice and Jeremiah Jacques

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#785: Russia, China and a Push Against the Global Order

Aired Wednesday, March 29, 2023   ·   08:00 AM CDT   ·   55 minutes
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Show Notes

  • Among the most disturbing aspects of Russia’s war on Ukraine is its systematic theft of Ukraine’s children. But when you consider that Russia is a rapidly aging, even a dying society, this wicked strategy makes sense.
  • Meanwhile, the evidence of China’s preparations for major war are multiplying. The preparations are happening on several different fronts and show that the Chinese dragon is very much on the warpath.
  • China is not just preparing for war in its region. It is also successfully infiltrating a nation that is an ocean away: Canada. China’s tentacles of influence in Canada are deepening and winning the Chinese Communist Party considerable sway over the Great White North.
  • This episode also examines a specific kind of attitude that the Bible shows that followers of Jesus Christ must develop. It’s a mindset Christians are supposed to be guided by all year long, but it is especially relevant at this time of year.