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Hosted by Philip Nice and Jeremiah Jacques

Trumpet Hour is the voice of the Philadelphia Trumpet newsmagazine. Join the discussion as Trumpet staff members compare recent news to Bible prophecy.

#878: Week in Review: State of the World

Aired Friday, March 8, 2024   ·   04:00 PM CST   ·   55 minutes
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Show Notes

Iran’s Strategy: Out in the Open
Mihailo Zekic recalls what Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has asserted for decades about radical Islam and Iran.
“The Battle for the Red Sea”

Russia-China: An Alliance?
China is proving to be a crucial supporter of Russia, even in wartime. What would happen—or what is happening—as two of the most powerful nations on Earth enter a full alliance?
Russia and China in Prophecy

‘War Economy’
European leaders are weighing the costs and benefits of remaining independent, sovereign and divided, versus submitting to an overall strategy that would make their continent a superpower.
“German Military Discussion Leak Is Part of a Bigger Scandal”

The Crucial Court
Is the Supreme Court of the United States “the kingdom’s court” described in the book of Amos?
“Is America’s Supreme Court in Bible Prophecy?”

Roundtable: State of the Union
America Under Attack