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#879: Week in Review: U.S. Turning Against Israel?

Aired Friday, March 15, 2024   ·   04:00 PM CDT   ·   59 minutes
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Show Notes

Schumer Targets Netanyahu
From the U.S. Senate chamber, majority leader calls for removing Israeli prime minister. Joe Biden: Schumer “made a good speech.”
“The Real Power Behind Hamas”

Refurbished Russian Deathware
In the midst of a war and an election, Russia demonstrates its ability to upgrade—and utilize—its available firepower.
France’s Deadly Ignorance About Germany
Why the Trumpet Watches a Russian Strongman Dominating Asia

Europe’s Disease
Portugal has become the latest victim of political paralysis.
Why the Trumpet Watches the Rise of a German Strongman

Revealed: Dept. of Despotism
An insider at the Department of Defense craves constitution-destroying powers. Is he the only one?
A ‘Woke’ Military Endangers Us All
Isaiah 3

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