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#880: Slavery Is a Modern Problem—Here Is the Solution (2018)

Aired Wednesday, March 20, 2024   ·   08:00 AM CDT   ·   50 minutes
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Show Notes

  • Today’s show is about slavery. It isn’t just an abominable relic of the past—it is a reality of today’s world. It is a scourge worth thinking about—because it affects millions of people in almost every country on Earth.
  • The painful reality is that you might personally be contributing to the problem! You have to understand why it happens—where the demand is that these slave traffickers are supplying.
  • You also need to know what God thinks about it—and develop His compassion for those suffering in slavery, and His anger toward those who perpetrate it.
  • We’ll also talk about ways that we ourselves can be held captive in slavery. Millions of people are captive to addictions—to drugs, alcohol, nicotine, food, gambling, pornography and other destructive habits. You may be captive in ways you do not recognize.
  • And just as surely as God wants to free those who are suffering in literal physical bondage, He wants to set you free as well.