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#881: Week in Review: Putin Sets to Work

Aired Friday, March 22, 2024   ·   04:00 PM CDT   ·   51 minutes
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Show Notes

Russia Raises New Armies
Russian President Vladimir Putin expands a force that will eventually reach gigantic proportions.
Russia and China in Prophecy

Iran to Mine Uranium in Niger
Iran makes a strong move, Niger military government orders Americans out.
France’s Deadly Ignorance About Germany
Why Niger Is a Catastrophe for the World

Germany Stands By Israel
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stands where the leader of the United States usually stands.
“Why the Trumpet Watches the Rise of a German Strongman”
As You Watch Gaza—Watch Germany
The Eternal Has Chosen Jerusalem

Debt: Deadlier Than We Thought
Congressional Budget Office figures are “managed decline” in black and white.
A ‘Woke’ Military Endangers Us All
Why the Trumpet Watches America’s Economic Collapse

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